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Open Water Challenge

National Championship Regatta & Down River Distance Race


The two sailing venues, Tilghman Island and Easton, MD, are about 35 minutes apart from each other. So, with regard to lodging, you have a choice to make. There is the option to stay in one of the venue towns or choose to stay right between them in St. Michaels, home of the Chesapeake Maritime Museum and most likely location for at least one group dinner. In addition to the listed options, there are Bed & Breakfasts available in all three towns.

St. Michaels:

St. Michaels Inn
1228 S. Talbot St
St. Michaels, MD 21663

This is 15 minutes from Tilghman sailing venue and 20-25 minutes from The Baldwin Compound. Close to restaurants for our evening events. They have 92 rooms

Tilghman Island:

Knapps Narrows Marina and Inn
On the water at 6176 Tilghman Island Rd., Tilghman, MD 21671
Marker 5 Restaurant for lunch and dinner choice is on the property. We will not have a group dinner here but that doesn't mean the food isn't good.

On the water at Knapps Narrows and 3-5 minutes from Friday/Saturday sailing venue and 35 minutes to Sunday’s venue at the Baldwin Compound.

VRBO Home Rental
There are homes in Tilghman and close by that are quite reasonable


Fairfield Inn and Suites
8945 Sunflower Drive, Easton, MD

This property is really nice on Route 50 near the Easton Diner and restaurants. It is 35 minutes from the sailing venue on Friday and Saturday and 10 minutes from The Baldwin Compound

Holiday Inn Express  - Easton, MD

Hampton Inn - Easton, MD

Bartlett Pear Inn (upscale B&B) - Easton, MD

Tidewater Inn (upscale Historic hotel)  - Easton, MD

Days Inn (2-3 star older place and less expensive) - Easton, MD