Welcome to the Eastern Shore of Maryland

This may be the first ever Santa Barbara regatta in our region or it may just be the first in a really long time. Whatever the case, after traveling 25,000 miles to attend the last five S/B Nationals, we are thrilled to host you on the Eastern Shore of Maryland at two of the most beautiful venues you can imagine for racing Santa Barbaras.

We will be the guests of Dave Branning and Elaine Hepkin at the Tilghman on Chesapeake Yacht Club and Marina, our venue for the National Championship Regatta. The Santa Barbaras were designed for big open water like you’ll get here. Many regattas in several different classes have been held at Tilghman on Chesapeake. Now it’s the Santa Barbara’s turn.

After racing for the National Championship, our focus on Sunday will switch to the Down River Distance Race. While we’ve all raced around the buoys, few have had the chance to distance race with each skipper in a separate power boat. Thanks to the hospitality of our hosts, Rosemary and Roger Baldwin, it’s your turn to take on distance racing. There is nothing else like this in our sport.

Though the regattas are two separate events, they will make for one spectacular weekend.

Welcome to our playground.